Star Wars Battlefront 2 is getting Obi-Wan Kenobi and a new map in a free update

Obi-Wan Kenobi is headed to Star Wars Battlefront 2 next week. Everyone’s favourite beardy Jedi mentor will also be accompanied by the Battle of Geonosis map, where clones and droids fight over the barren world. The update is free for all Battlefront 2 players. Point your eyes as the trailer above. 

Attack of the Clones might be a bit rubbish, but blowing up droids and running between giant the legs of giant walking tanks still looks like a hoot. It’s a shame that loot boxes overshadowed everything else about Battlefront 2 for a while, because it’s full of explosive spectacle and boasts some of the best realised Star Wars battles outside of the movies. It’s not without other issues, though, which Tyler broke down in his Star Wars Battlefront 2 review.  

The Geonosis map will also let players take control of new vehicles, including a ridiculous speeder that looks like a floating segway. Say what you want about the droids, but they know how to have a good time. Extra skins for Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous have been thrown in there, too. Grievous is a newish addition, just added to the roster late last month. 

 The Battle of Geonosis update will hit Star Wars Battlefront 2 on November 28. 

Fraser Brown
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