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Star Citizen's Squadron 42 campaign won't release this year

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During its CitizenCon event at the weekend, Cloud Imperium Games confirmed that Squadron 42 won't release for Star Citizen in 2016. Now it looks like the single-player campaign, which features the likes of Gillian Anderson and Mark Hamill, will release next year.

According to Kotaku UK, who captured some of the presentation slides, Chris Roberts delivered a presentation outlining the status of the campaign. While the technology is intact there's still a lot to go, including stuff like "pathfinding logic", "improved combat logic" and "mission system integration", among other things.

That said, the presentation specified that "all chapters and gameplay features are at grey-box (stage) or better," and that the team is working on completing a shippable chapter before it will show footage to the public. 

The delay follows rumours in September that the ambitious campaign might be delayed. At the time, a studio spokesperson said a release date hadn't been specified, though it was indicated on the Star Citizen website that it would ship this year. In any case, don't expect it until 2017.

Shaun Prescott
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