Cloud Imperium Games denies Squadron 42 delay report

Squadron 42, the single-player portion of Star Citizen, doesn't have a hard release date, but it was expected to be ready sometime this year. There's even a little “2016” over the “Answer the Call” logo on the Squadron 42 web page. However, that came into question when German site Gamestar reported that, in an interview at PAX West, Cloud Imperium Games boss Chris Roberts said the game probably wouldn't be out until mid-to-late 2017. 

But as it turns out, that comment—at least as reported—didn't come from Roberts, but from the Gamescom interviewer. The report is in video format rather than written, so I can't fall back on Google translate for help here, but RSI forum users who claim to speak German say the quote in question, spoken by the interviewer, is, “And maybe it will me finally released next year. At least this is what Chris Roberts promised to me at the Gamescom.” 

Confusing the matter even further is this Reddit thread, which quotes Gamestar's Michael Graf as saying (again, interpreted), “Chris stated in an interview that all content for Squadron 42 (graphics, missions) will be complete by the end of the year. There is still more work to do concerning some basic systems like the AI or the cover system for infiltration missions. Those will take more time.” But he added separately, “You are right, that was a mistake. I have watched the recording of the interview again (his conversation with Chris Roberts during Gamescom), and Chris talked about 2017. You hear that much during Gamescom, I've just mixed things up.” 

Thoroughly confused, I reached out to RSI to get the official word. “It appears something may have been lost in the translation,” a rep said. “Chris spoke to multiple reporters at Gamescom who asked about the status of Squadron 42. We have been feature locked for a while and things are coming along nicely. In every case he told them that we are hard at work on the game and are focused on making it great but no official launch dates were discussed.” 

Unfortunately, the rep declined to discuss an official launch date with me, too, saying only that one hasn't been set yet. He did say, however, that there will be a progress report and “visual update” at CitizenCon, which is set for October 9. We'll be there to report back.

Update: The article originally referred to the developer of Star Citizen as Roberts Space Industries. 

Andy Chalk

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