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Star Citizen's Gamescom livestream begins at 12 pm PDT, and you can watch it here

Writing news posts for things that haven't actually happened yet is a tricky business, so let's just stick to the facts: Star Citizen gameplay will be livestreamed from Gamescom at noon PDT, and you can catch it all right here. (Wild speculation about what's going to happen during the stream is contained within.)

As promised, speculation: The word on the street is that the livestream will include spaceship races and a demonstration of co-op gameplay featuring a group of gamers controlling a single large ship—navigating, manning turrets, that sort of thing. Roberts Space Industries says nothing about any of that, however, acknowledging only that there will in fact be a stream. (Although the inclusion of a partial shot of a Murray Cup poster in the livestream announcement is probably telling.)

Whatever happens, you can watch it all here, courtesy of the fine folks at Twitch . Enjoy!