Star Citizen trailer shows off pretty first-person shooting

Although some ways from release, Robert Space Industries’ Star Citizen earned its place on our list of the most ambitious PC games after accruing an impressive crowdfunding windfall and securing a cast of A-list celebrities. At Gamescom, Sam was impressed with version 3.0’s planetary landing, however the latest trailer demos its first-person shooting and showcases its new “Visual Stabilization” system.

“There’s no better way to showcase our improved Vision Stabilization system than to head into Port Olisar and cause some chaos,” reads a blurb on the Star Citizen site. “With plenty of aiming, shooting, and handling of weapons, this 60 frames per second video highlights just one of the many great features we’re currently working on.” 

All of which looks like this: 

Whereas before the camera was attached to the model’s eyes, the new system prevents the view from bobbing around—something some players reported feeling nauseous from. I’ve no idea what sort of machine the above is running on (or how many people are on the server, for that matter), but it all looks very smooth nonetheless. 

Star Citizen has a long journey ahead, however Sam described version 3.0 as a “significant step closer to building an exciting, online sci-fi universe that people will want to spend time in.”