Stalker multiplayer mod teases first in-game footage

GSC Game World's Stalker series is one of my favourites, a fact galvanised by the impressive array of mods its community has and continues to produce to this day. While its Lost Alpha Director's Cut and time travelling Wind of Time have been particular standouts for me of late, multiplayer mod Ray of Hope is one I've followed for a while.

It's now launched a new developer diary wherein its creators detail what's new—from new locations to new weapons and more—before debuting a sliver of in-game footage. That looks like this (make sure subtitles are switched on):

There, the Ray of Hope team explains how the base game's forest areas have been opened up into roamable playing areas, and the animals that reside within now have their own designated habitats consistent with reality. 

The Stalker engine has also been reworked in order to boost performance and maintain steady FPS rates, while early access footage of a team onslaught plays out from the 5.20 mark onward above. Here, the mod's creators make use of its integrated voice chat as they take down a rival gang of forest-dwellers. 

From 8.10 on, the Ray of Hope team go into more detail on the mod's weapons and how players will make use of the map and handheld PDA. 

Ray of Hope is still a work-in-progress, however more information can be gleaned from its ModDB page.