Stalker: Lost Alpha mod leaked, April 26 release date announced

A couple of months ago we wrote about Stalker: Lost Alpha , a mod that aimed to revive an early version of the game teased prior to release, which included more, bigger areas, and other features that didn't make into Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl . Yesterday, the Hungarian team behind the mod, Dez0wave announced that some testers leaked a beta build of the mod, and the mod makers are understandably pretty upset about it.

The team is upset, first of all, because the beta build of the game dates back to November 5, 2013, and does not at all represent the progress the team has made. It contains render bugs and other issues that they've been working on since last year.

Worse yet, the team said that the leak killed any chance of Lost Alpha being released as an official, paid add-on for Stalker, which Dez0wave claims that original Stalker developer CSG Game World signed off on last year , if the mod was of a high enough quality. That doesn't mean it was necessarily going to happen, but it sucks either way. The mod is clearly product of the team's passion and some beta testers mucked it up for them.

The silver lining here, maybe, is that Dez0wave decided to release an official version of Lost Alpha on April 26. While it's better than the leaked version, Dez0wave said we should think about it as “early access,” meaning it will keep patching and updating after release.

If you want to support the team, you can donate to them on Dez0wave's official website .