Square Enix trademark Hitman: Profession

Hitman Absolution preview thumb

Shortly before Christmas, Square Enix filed for a trademark that suggests a title for the Hitman game set to arrive after Absolution. The name? Hitman: Profession. Siloconera spotted the trademark application, which will likely be the working title for the new Hitman game in development at Square Enix' recently opened Montreal Studio .

Hitman: Profession would be a terrible name, but the trademark coincides with a spate of unusual odd upcoming game titles...

  • Fifa 13: Sport

  • Syndicate: Organisation

  • Football Manager: Manager of Football

  • FUEL: Combustible Matter

  • Deus Ex: God From

  • Cave Story: Mostly Indoors

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R: F.A.K.E. A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.

  • Thi4f: W0rd F41l

  • Diablo: Spanish Satan

  • Call of Duty: Again

  • Transformers: Robots That are Also Cars (And Sometimes Other Things)

  • Mass Effect: The Principle By Which Element Zero Modifies The Mass Of Matter, Allowing For Faster Than Light Travel, Biotic Abilities, and Future Guns

We really hope they don't end up calling it Hitman: Profession. What's the worst game name you've ever encountered?

Tom Senior

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