Square Enix, Amazon announce Thief: Gold modding competition

We're big fans of The Dark Mod , a fan remake of the original Thief game that won our 2013 mod of the year award . Square Enix, which will soon publish the Thief reboot, is a fan as well. It just announced a partnership with Amazon for a Thief: Gold modding competition, and has directed participants to The Dark Mod if they're looking for helpful modding resources.

Amazon and Square Enix will accept short video playthroughs or written pitches for Thief: Gold mods, whether they're creating a new heist for Garrett or reworking a classic level from the series. Square Enix and Amazon will pick the winner and award him or her:

  • A high-end gaming rig from AMD which includes an AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics card
  • An all-expenses paid trip to E3 2014 with Square Enix
  • Steam code for all Square Enix Games with the matching Prima Guide
  • An Amazon Kindle DX
  • A bundle of game development books on Kindle

The best part is that all entrants get a free digital version of Thief: Gold. The contest runs through April 14, and you can find more details on Amazon .

If you haven't already, The Dark Mod is obviously worth checking out, especially since the community keeps adding more heists for you to play through. The Thief reboot releases February 25 in the US and February 28 in Europe. You can watch a full mission playthrough from the game right here .