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Splinter Cell: Blacklist slips away to August, uses trailer as a decoy

Have you always wanted to see a montage of US presidents raising their right hand? If so, that's a bit weird, but do I have a trailer for you! In this latest look at Splinter Cell: Blacklist, a round-up of US presidents recite their Inauguration oath, before Splinter Cell's own President Caldwell tasks Sam Fisher with stopping the Blacklist attacks. Tenuous connection? You bet!

Can we all agree that the line "we're not going to stop this attack; we're going to stop all the attacks" is absolutely amazing? All the attacks? How is that logistically possible?

The trailer also drops a date bomb, confirming August 23rd as the day Sam Fisher stops every conceivable attack , which is a slight delay over the previously fuzzy release window of "Spring". Keep in mind that this is Ubisoft, though, so the PC date could well slip further.

Rather expectedly it seems to continue in the trend of Splinter Cell: Conviction's slick stealth-lite action. Thoughts?

Phil Savage
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