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Spintires: MudRunner is out now with a bumping launch trailer

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If the trailers for Spintires: MudRunner, the updated version of developer Saber Interactive's all-terrain driving sim, are to be believed, trucking is serious business. Through offbeat music (opens in new tab) and surprisingly stirring narratives (opens in new tab), every single one has managed to turn otherwise simple and straightforward shots of big trucks into something downright epic, including today's launch trailer ringing in the game's release. 

"This version of Spintires offers new content and unique experiences for a video game," Saber Interactive said in an announcement (opens in new tab). "It's a genre of its own, reinventing the rules and offering new challenges for players looking for emergent encounters and true-to-life off-roading situations." 

Simulation really is the word. Everything from fuel levels and tire conditions to inventory weight and weather-battered terrain has been faithfully simulated to create a realistic off-road experience. There's also a robust array of stuff to drive, with a total of 19 "4x4s, trucks and sturdy logistic vehicles," with which you'll conquer terrain like "rivers, forests, swamps, mountains." 

MudRunner also features mod and co-op support, which is sure to expand its sandbox. There are six sandbox maps in all, including the five from the original Spintires, as well as nine maps dedicated to the new challenge mode. 

If you're hungry for more ATV action, you can get Spintires: MudRunner on Steam (opens in new tab) for $29.99. If you own the original Spintires, you can get it for 50 percent off. 

Austin Wood
Austin Wood

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