Spintires: MudRunner gets a dramatic, muddy trailer

I love everything about Spintires. I love the mud and the trucks and the way that the game takes what is a slightly silly premise so seriously. The semi-sequel, updated version, Spintires: MudRunner is due out on October 31, but in the meantime, why not watch this needlessly dramatic trailer?

I feel more rugged just listening to this man—let’s assume that he’s the chap inside all of the big trucks and jeeps you’re controlling—detailing just how important and epic driving through the dirt is. 

This new edition offers updated graphics, five new environments, a challenge mode and 13 extra vehicles, on top of everything that comes with the vanilla game. There’s also a 50% discount for owners of the original. Without the discount, it will set you back $30/£25/€30.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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