All Secret Photo Ops locations in Spider-Man

Spider-Man secret photo ops
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Finding the Spider-Man Secret Photo Ops locations is no small feat, especially when there are no map markers to indicate where any of them are. These 50 sites are scattered across New York, and you'll have to snap a photo of each one if you want to unlock the ESU suit, which is basically Spider-Man wearing a t-shirt and jeans with his mask on.

There is a way to reveal the Secret Photo Ops yourself with a suit mod, but it requires getting to level 50, and that's a lot of work. Rather than grinding that much XP, you might just want to explore New York at the start of the game and get a fun suit. In this guide, I've included the Spider-Man Secret Photo Ops locations for each district, showing where to find each, and what you need to take a picture of.

You'll have to progress a little way into the story in order to unlock the phone camera, but once you do, you can explore New York freely and snap all 50 secret spots. Don't forget that you can cycle through each of the galleries below to see every specific location up close and what you need to photograph.

Financial District Secret Photo Ops

1. A gold leprechaun on the upper right hand corner of a brick building

2. A statue of a woman in a tree-filled square.

3. The Auerbach movie theater sign.

4. Caged tennis courts by the pier.

5. A wire sculpture overlooking the bay.

6. A flower mural on the outside of a coffee shop.

7. The Statue of Liberty in the distance.

8. A brass bulldog statue in a city square.

Chinatown Secret Photo Ops

1. Statue of a woman surrounded by flowers outside a clinic.

2. First and Last Day movie billboard on a street corner.

3. A big oval shaped pond in a square.

4. The sign for Leo's pizzeria.

5. A decorative stone gate that leads onto the road bridge.

6. Graffiti of a Rottweiler on a concrete floor.

7. The Chinatown police precinct sign.

8. A graffiti mural of the Rhino.

Greenwich Secret Photo Ops

1. A mural of J. Jonah Jameson as a baby.

2. A pride flag on the side of a building by a fire escape.

3. New York Modern Art gallery.

Midtown Secret Photo Ops

1. A high-up clock face near the top of a skyscraper.

2. A single tree in a circular courtyard.

3. An ornate carp mural in an open city square.

Hell's Kitchen Secret Photo Ops

1. A statue of a man in a square by the south-west entrance to Central Park.

2. A skull and crossbones pirate flag mural on the side of a building overlooking the water.

3. The Nelson and Murdock Associates office sign.

4. A Vulture graffiti mural overlooking a raised walkway.

Upper West Side Secret Photo Ops

1. The written Oscorp on the floor by the entrance to the Oscorp Security building.

2. One of two gazebos located in the park.

3. A statue of two birds taking flight.

4. A memorial tower with pillars around the outside.

5. A New York Fire Department fire engine in an alley.

Central Park Secret Photo Ops

1. An old bunker with a US flag waving above it.

2. A small castle by the water.

3. An engraved obelisk in a small open square.

4. A small covered jetty with some boats floating around it.

Upper East Side Secret Photo Ops

1. Public library with banners for Greek Myths: Ancient Tales of Heroes exhibition.

2. A circular fountain surrounded by an eight-pointed star in an arcade below street level.

3. The Black Wing Tavern sign.

4. Latin American Museum on the north-eastern edge of Central Park.

Harlem Secret Photo Ops

1. A pillared building with two eagle statues outside.

2. A graffiti mural on a wall by the side of the road.

3. A gravestone with a church-like spire.

4. Uncle Ben's grave.

5. The front of the church near the graveyard.

6. A graffiti mural of three Eyes of Providence on a rooftop.

7. Pale Horse Ridez motorcycle shop in a back alley.

8. The closed off Harlem Sanitarium.

9. A statue in a square by the north-west entrance into Central Park.

10. The Osborne for Mayor campaign office just off the main street.

11. A greenhouse in a tucked away city garden.

So what do I get?

(Image credit: Insomniac Games)

If you take a picture of all 50 Secret Photo Ops you'll unlock the ESU, or Empire State University, suit. It features Peter wearing a t-shirt with the university's branding, a pair of jeans, and his mask. It's one of the most casual Spider-Man suits, aside from that one where he's pretty much naked, that is. 

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