Spelunky 2 comes to PC on September 29

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Derek Yu said in August that Spelunky 2 would debut on the PlayStation 4 on September 15, and then arrive shortly after on PC. Today we learned that "shortly," more precisely, means "two weeks."

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That's it, that's all I've got for you: Spelunky 2 comes to Steam on September 29. The Steam page hasn't even been updated yet, at this moment it still indicates "coming soon," so instead we'll turn our attention to a few weeks ago, when resident spelunker Emma took a closer look at the then-new trailer.

The new game appears to follow the adventures of the daughter of the original character, who will apparently be heading to the Moon for reasons unknown. The pet pug Damsel will be back, and it looks like Olmec, the boss from the first game, may be making a return too. There will be other familiar zones and enemies along with the new stuff, and players can expect more complex level designs and interactions. There are also some interesting-sounding new items, including the "one of a kind" Clone Gun.

Spelunky 2 is available for wishlisting (and possibly pre-puchase very soon) on Steam. To find out more, hit up spelunkyworld.com.

Andy Chalk

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