Spec Ops: The Line gets free co-op DLC

Spec Ops: The Line sandy Dubai

Publisher 2K Games announced today the addition of a two-player cooperative mode in its sandy third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line, a handy opportunity to grab a friend and wade into the roiling sandstorms of post-catastrophe Dubai. Bonus: It's free!

Spec Ops' free co-op update entails "four fast-paced missions, each with its own unique objectives, environments, and playable characters," according to 2K's announcement. It accompanies both the single-player and competitive multiplayer modes with even more heads to plug bullets into, randomly exploding objects, and occasions for over-the-headset fist-bumps.

Spec Ops: The Line released on June 26 and follows the dirt-streaked Captain Martin Walker as he grapples with a critical Delta Force mission among Dubai's wrecked streets -- more than enough reason for adopting the tried-and-true human shie...er, buddy system.

Omri Petitte

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