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Speaking Simulator adds co-op multiplayer

Speaking Simulator
(Image credit: Affable Games)
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Our own Christopher Livingston found himself empathizing greatly with the robotic character you play in Speaking Simulator. "As an extremely self-conscious, shy, anxiety-riddled person," he wrote, "I spend most of my face-to-face conversations struggling to get my thoughts out properly and imagining the other person's suspicion meter rising, too."

In a recent update, Speaking Simulator patched in co-op multiplayer so you no longer need to be alone while suffering social anxiety and having sparks fly out of your malfunctioning eye sockets. As developers Affable Games put it, "Harness the power of 100%-real-human-friendship and cooperatively seduce Karen from HR." They note that this couch co-op feature also works via Steam Remote Play, which is helpful for those who are self-isolating right now.

The update also adds new difficulty options, including the ability to turn off any upgrades you've purchased, and Twitch integration. It's 35% off on Steam at the moment as well.

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