Space station mystery-adventure Tacoma is free on the Humble Store

The sci-fi mystery adventure Tacoma is really good stuff. It's from Fullbright, the developer of Gone Home, and that pedigree shines through: "While a lot of sci-fi from that [1970s] era has a cold, nihilistic view of mankind’s place in the universe, Tacoma has a heart," Andy K. wrote in his 84/100 review. "As a game about piecing together a story, it’s immensely rewarding." 

If that sort of critical applause doesn't convince you to try it, maybe this will: It's free right now on the Humble Store. Until March 24 (or while supplies last), just go here, click where it tells you, and they'll hook you up. Interestingly, while most Humble giveaways come as Steam keys, this one is DRM-free, meaning you'll download, install, and run it as a standalone program. You might even want to burn it to a DVD. Just like the old days! 

Andy Chalk

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