Sons of the Forest is a demon-hunting sequel to the 'terrifying' survival game The Forest

The Forest is an open-world survival game released in 2018, after a whopping four years of Early Access. The wait was apparently worthwhile, because these days it's got an awful lot of positive reviews on Steam. And now it's getting a sequel too.

It's hard to tell much from a single trailer, but where the first game was primarily "try not to die in the world's worst forest," I get the feeling that Sons of the Forest will be more narrative-focused, as it seems that you'll be actively hunting down the monsters amidst the trees. 

There's no word of a release date yet, but given our experience with the first game—we found the VR version clumsy in spots, but still atmospheric and terrifying—we'll definitely be keeping our eye on this one.

Andy Chalk

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