Sombra's origin story and gameplay revealed in a pair of new trailers

After putting us through an ARG that seemed at times like it would never end, Blizzard is coming across in a very big way with Sombra information at BlizzCon. She was the subject of a lengthy new animated short, "Infiltration," after which we got a closer look at her abilities in the field. And during the Overwatch "What's New" panel, two more trailers came up, one revealing her origin story and the other showcasing her talents in combat.   

Sombra was born 30 years ago in Mexico, but was left orphaned at young age by the Omnic Crisis. She was taken in by the Los Muertos organization, where she honed her already considerable hacking skills before being recruited by Talon, the terrorist organization that serves as Overwatch's main band of bad guys. But she continues to pursue her own goals, and she plays things very close to the vest: Lead writer Michael Chu said during the panel that she is "perhaps the most unreliable narrator we have."  

Sombra is headed to the Overwatch PTR next week, and we've got some hands-on impressions of our own coming ahead of that. For now, her origin trailer is above, and you can lay eyes on some gameplay below. 

Andy Chalk

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