Sombra is finally revealed at BlizzCon 2016, here's her trailer

Finally, it has happened: During the opening ceremony for BlizzCon 2016, the Overwatch hero Sombra, a "stealthy offensive infiltrator" who can "hack enemy abilities," was revealed to the world in an exciting new "Infiltration" trailer. 

As detailed on Sombra's character page, she packs a fully-automatic machine pistol, and can "hack enemies" to temporarily stop them from using their abilities or first aid kits. She can also become invisible for brief period, during which she also gets a significant speed boost—but attacking or taking damage disables her camouflage. She can also drop a "translocator beacon," which she can immediately teleport to while it's active, and she can deploy a wide-range EMP attack that damages enemy barriers and shields, and hacks all opponents caught within the field. 

Blizzard also revealed during the opening ceremony that a pair of new maps are coming to the game, Ecopoint: Antarctica and Oasis, which are designed for 1v1 and 3v3 arena-style play in a new "Arcade" mode, which I'm sure we'll be hearing more about during the 'con. 

Sombra, the Arcade, and Ecopoint: Antarctica will all be rolled out to the PTR next week, while Oasis is set to arrive in December.

We'll have more details, including a hands-on with Sombra who's playable at the show, as it becomes available.

Andy Chalk

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