SOE teases gargantuan fleet carriers for PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 Bastion Fleet Carrier

PlanetSide 2's vehicles keep its war churning. Sunderers shuttle troops quickly and efficiently to the frontlines. The C-130 -esque Galaxy transport serves as the primary mode of aerial insertion for all three factions, but like the Watchmen, who transports the transports? Best sit down for the next part: In a tweet fired off today, SOE President John Smedley posted a conceptual mockup of an absolutely gigantic Terran Republic fleet carrier looking like a cross between a Star Destroyer and a shoebox, hinting of a possible future emergence of mobile vehicle platforms in the super-scaled MMOFPS.

Smedley told us via email that the behemoth remains firmly in the concept stage at this point, so it's unclear if it flies or floats in Auraxis' skies or waters (or both!). But this isn't the first time additional vehicles and naval combat appeared on SOE's drawing board. A blog entry by Smedley detailed several ideas under consideration for expanding PlanetSide 2's content such as seamlessly linking the three continents by sea, adding water-based combat, and even throwing in a fourth, AI-controlled alien faction.

Omri Petitte

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