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PlanetSide 2 PSA: Sunderers are stalemate breakers

The Sunderer is PlanetSide 2's school bus of war. It seats 12, and with the investment of certification points, you can pimp it out to your purposes—increasing its ability to climb hills, or adding a grenade launcher, protection against mines, or radar augmentations. One upgrade worth calling attention to, though, is the Gate Shield Diffuser . It has a way of snapping the ugly stand-offs where two teams are fighting on opposite sides of an impassable shield—a stalemate we've seen emerge again and again at Tech Planet facilities in PS2's first week.

Like other facilities in PS2, Tech Plants have a protective shield that needs to be deactivated before infantry and vehicles can pile in the front door. There's one exception to this rule: a Sunderer can activate a Gate Shield Diffuser to cross the energy threshold. RivalXfactor (who's also produced official instructional videos for the PlanetSide 2 YouTube channel) documents one of these maneuvers in the footage below, and contextualizes when to use the tactic and why it can be so effective.

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