Sniper Elite 4: Deathstorm DLC concludes next week with 'Obliteration'

Deathstorm – Obliteration is quite possibly the most perfectly distilled videogame title of all time. It's the sort of thing that demands to be written in all-caps, each and every time it's mentioned. (Alas, my editors demand otherwise, so that's that.) It is also the third and final chapter in the Sniper Elite 4 DLC campaign that debuted in March, which developer Rebellion announced today will be out on July 18. It will mark the conclusion of elite sniper Karl Fairburne's mission to foil the latest diabolical Nazi plot, and also adds new multiplayer characters, maps, and an "Authentic Plus" difficulty level. 

The grand finale takes place in the little town of Steigerloch, in the heartland of Germany, where the unspeakably evil Deathstorm weapon is being developed. "A heavily guarded underground complex is rumored to lie hidden beneath the sleepy town's hilltop church, with suspicious vehicle activity suggesting the Nazis are planning something big—and soon," Rebellion said. "Elite agent Karl Fairburne must draw on all his skills to neutralize the facility and bring Deathstorm down, once and for all."

Along with the gripping tale of obliteration, the DLC will also give players six new Axis characters to use in multiplayer, new Elite ranks that raise the level cap from 50 to 250, two new maps, selectable scope reticle (apparently that wasn't previously an option for some reason), and the new Authentic Plus mode, "featuring relentless enemies and even fewer display aids," Rebellion said. "It'll be a Herculean challenge, and players who are up to it will find two new trophies and achievements to earn." Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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