Sniper Elite 4 reveals 'Deathstorm' DLC, first chapter due next week

Sniper Elite 4 launched to warm reviews less than a month ago—Tyler described it as a "hearty improvement" over its forerunner—however developer Rebellion Developments has now announced the tactical shooter's first portion of DLC—the multi-chaptered Deathstorm. 

Due March 21, this Tuesday, part one of three is named Inception and takes place immediately following the main game's story. Set in the "colder terrain" of northern Italy, this campaign mission will see players (either singularly or in two-player co-op) visiting a Nazi naval base that's the target of a bombing run. 

"With imposing scaffolding, a German destroyer and myriad Kriegsmarine soldiers to negotiate, Karl Fairburne must help finish what the bombing run started," reads a statement. "But his primary mission concerns the secret Manhattan Project: To retrieve a critical, mysterious package codenamed Deathstorm."

Besides all of that the game's Night Fighter expansion pack is also due March 21, which brings with its three new weapons, night-time camouflage rifle skins, and character skins. On the multiplayer front, players will receive a new 12-player tag team-styled Elimination mode and Night Woods map free-of-charge.

The first chapter of Sniper Elite 4's Deathstorm DLC is due March 21. A provisional roadmap of its next DLC and expansion packs can be found on the game's official site