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Snap up this budget Acer gaming laptop for just $630, saving you $170

Snap up this budget Acer gaming laptop for just $630
Snap up this budget Acer gaming laptop for just $630

You don't always have to spend big to be able to have a great gaming experience on a PC or laptop: this Acer Nitro 5 laptop is the epitome of that sentiment, and is only  $630 at BestBuy right now. Yeah, it won't blow you out of the water but that price for a gaming-grade laptop, which will still play most of the major games in 2019, at a competent and enjoyable level, offers great value.

Inside you'll get some solid components for your money: an i5-8300H processor; a GTX 1050 Ti graphics card; 8GB of RAM; and a 256GB SSD. It is the word budget incarnate and all those sit nicely inside a reputable company's chassis and build, with a Full HD screen presenting games to your eyes very nicely indeed. It's an Acer too, which guarantees a certain level of performance.

Acer Nitro 5 | i5-8300H | Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 8GB | 8GB RAM | Full HD | $629 (save $170)
A great first gaming laptop, which will easily handle the likes of Fortnite and Ark: Survival Evolved (among others).View Deal

If you've been searching for something capable and portable to take with you when you're away from your main rig, then this might be for you—just be aware that it'll rarely scratch high-end settings. If you're looking for a first gaming laptop that might be suitable for a younger family member, or someone with a more casual interest in gaming, the Nitro should suit too. This Nitro laptop won't be making waves on our best gaming laptop list but it is reliable and well built, and plenty of users have already posted their overwhelming satisfaction with it online.

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