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Smash + Grab goes free for the weekend, even though it's only Thursday [Updated]

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United Front's three-on-three gang warfare game Smash + Grab turned up on Early Access last month and even though it's still early days, it sounds very interesting, and potentially very good, so far. And from now until next Tuesday, you can give it a try yourself without spending a dime. 

"Since our Steam Early Access launch, we’ve patched the game seven times and made 63 big improvements, including Crew Commands, crash and bug fixes, optimizations, gameplay and matchmaking tuning, and the addition of new unlockable items," the studio said. "We’re going to keep up that pace with regular bug fixes and tweaks, as well as major content updates, which will add new characters, maps, modes and more." 

The free weekend is live now and runs until 12 pm PT on October 18. Smash + Grab will also be on sale for 15 percent off throughout the freebie, dropping it to $17/£13. One oddity: The Smash + Grab Steam page says the "play free" period ends in two days, not five as you'd expect. I assume that's just a typo, but I've reached out to United Front to find out for sure.   

Update: It is in fact a typo. A rep confirmed that the message is "an error on the Steam side of things," and that Smash + Grab will be free until Tuesday.

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