Where to find Moondew Nectar in Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher Moondew Nectar flower
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Moondew Nectar is one of the hardest resources to gather in Slime Rancher 2 since it requires you to unlock two separate upgrades, and only spawns in a particular area at a certain time of day. That said, it's pretty valuable since it's the favourite food of the Flutter Slimes, and can be used to get rid of the Flutter Gordo Slime.

If you want to gather some Moondew Nectar for yourself, you're going to have to complete a somewhat lengthy series of steps, but by the end you'll have everything required to farm the nectar whenever you need it. So, here's where Moondew Nectar spawns, how to harvest the resource, as well as where to find the Flutter Slimes you'll feed it to.

How to get the jetpack

The jetpack requires Radiant Ore and Phosphor Plorts (Image credit: Monomi Park)

There are two things you need to do in order to get Moondew Nectar, and the first is to acquire the jetpack. To do this, you're going to have to craft the Resource Extractor, and harvest some Phosphor Plorts and Radiant Ore

It's a little complicated since you also have to unlock the Ember Valley region in the process, but we explain how to do all of this in the linked guide. Once crafted, you can use the jetpack to hover and boost yourself upwards in short stamina-consuming bursts. 

How to unlock Starlight Strand

The next step is to unlock the Starlight Strand region. This island is situated to the south-west and is where you're going to find both Moondew Nectar, and the Flutter Slimes you feed it to. Head west from the conservatory until you find the Cotton Gordo Slime shown on the map above. Feed this giant slime 30 vegetables and it'll explode, revealing a cave with a device that unlocks the warp point to Starlight Strand. Walk on over to the portal and teleport across.

Where to find Moondew Nectar

First thing's first, Moondew Nectar only appears at night, so you're going to want to head to Starlight Strand later in the day. Once there, use your newly acquired jetpack to navigate southwards across the pink side of the island until you find the big blue/pink tree at the centre. Moondew Nectar usually appears below blue flowers like the one in the gallery above, and you should be able to find at least one by that tree. 

Now head further south until you find the Flutter Gordo Slime by the ruins. There is usually lots of Moondew Nectar around this area, and if you head east from the Flutter Gordo Slime and across the bridge, you'll also find lots of Flutter Slimes that you can capture and take back to the conservatory. Generally, if you keep an eye out for the blue flowers, you should be able to gather a decent surplus of nectar.

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