Look at this little green goo guy, shooting his guns at an endless clone army, just having a great time

Announced in the PC Gaming Show today, in Slime 3K, you play a smiling sentient goo armed to the teeth with every weapon to have graced the screen in a John Wick movie. 

I’ve spent hours and hours staking, axing, whipping, and blowing up infinite hordes of bats, skeletons, and God-knows-what-else in Vampire Survivors. I’ve even booted up other entries in the emerging horde-whomping genre, such as Boneraiser Minions and Project Lazarus. But in none of those did I play a slime with a smile.

What can I say? I'm intrigued.

In the grim darkness of the slimy future, an evil AI named d'Spot seeks to mass produce artificial pink humans for some dastardly scheme or another—probably something to do with ending all life via paperclips. Unfortunately for d’Spot, some of the goo mutates into our protagonist. Now you must use your slimy, gelatinous body to mutate various powers and ruthlessly demolish endless hordes of pink offbrand humans with an arsenal of sticky firepower. 

Slime 3K is a spinoff of 2021's Despot's Game, in which we saw some familiar-looking pink humans taking up all kinds of armaments to fight their way out of a procedurally generated dungeon in a roguelike autobattler. With various swords, magic, and stale pretzels, the goal was to amass an army of pink freedom fighters, watch them battle for their freedom, and then test their mettle against other players' endgame squads.

This time, the pink humans are nothing more than cannon fodder. In Slime 3K, you'll heartlessly mow them down with pistols, machine guns, Tesla coils, and anything else you can lay your appendages on. Honestly, with no major organs, there’s no other way a ball of goo can mow people down. 

Slime 3K is due out this year, so you won't have to wait too long to get slimy.