Sleeping Dogs E3 screenshots show racing, cleavers, man surprised by giant blurry gun

Sleeping Dogs Blurry Gun

Sleeping Dogs is the martial-arts-and-gunplay open-world action game that previously went by the name True Crime: Hong Kong. I went to see it recently: it's shaping up quite nicely. The melee combat takes after the Arkham Asylum games, albeit with far more enthusiasm for jamming people's faces into pointy things (and vice versa.) The driving also benefits from the devs' past experience on the Need for Speed series. Check out our most recent preview for more information.

The new screenshots cast some light on the range of activities that undercover cop Wei Shen will be engaging in while taking down the Hong Kong Triad. As any undercover police officer knows, crimes get solved faster the more cars you set on fire from the back of your awesome motorbike.

Chris Thursten

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