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Skyrim Special Edition is free to try on Steam this weekend

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After discovering a handful of cool user-made mods, I've recently enjoyed returning to Skyrim's Special Edition. If you're yet to pick it up, know that it's free on Steam now through Sunday 9pm BST/1pm PST.  

Be it Dark Souls in Tamriel, angel wings, or dueling with unassuming NPCs, plundering Nexus Mods on any given day is sure to unearth a host of fresh and exciting tweaks to Special Edition's base game. If you prefer the latter, though, it improves the 2011 original with remastered art and effects, new quests, environments, characters, dialogue, and armour and weapons.

If you wind up enjoying all of that beyond its free to try window, Skyrim Special Edition is subject to a limited time 50 percent discount from now through Tuesday, September 19—which brings its Steam price down from £29.99/$39.99 to £14.99/$29.99. 

However you play is of course up to you, but I'd suggest reading Chris' thoughts on why Skyrim's Special Edition is a reminder of just how much mods bring to Bethesda's RPG

Head to Skyrim Special Edition's Steam page to give it a spin.