Divine conjuration: Skyrim mod turns players into angels

Even now, some six years since the fifth Elder Scrolls instalment first graced our screens, Skyrim can look gorgeous with the help of the right mods. There are loads of them, and while last year's Special Edition is still playing catchup so far as updates go, Delta 6 has now upgraded milisot1325's Animated Feathered Wings. 

With reworked animations, Animated Feathered Wings lets you "play as an angel, divine being, or cross-bred freak of nature", so explains Delta 6 on the mod's Nexus page

By adding 30 craftable mutagens to the game—which are available at any cooking station—simply consuming the toxin grants players celestial appendages. In doing so, all fall damage is eliminated and while SKSE is not yet available for Skyrim Special Edition, Delta 6 lists a temporary solution for increasing jump height in the meantime via the link above.  

Here's how the mod works in practice:

At present, Animated Feathered Wings includes four styles of wings in 'Old', 'Guardian', 'Sorcerer', and 'Soul Hound'—each of which houses multiple colour schemes. 

"The wings are fully animated, have appropriate sound effects, and behave properly when the player sprints, jumps, casts spells, sneaks, swims, etc.," explains the mod's creator. "The wings are permanently attached to your character and will only be removed by consuming the craftable 'Cure Mutations' potion or changing your race (this includes vampire lord and werewolf transformations, unfortunately)."

More information on Animated Feathered Wings, including installation instructions, can be found via the mod's Nexus page.