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This Skyrim mod brings Dark Souls to Tamriel

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Earlier this year, I stumbled upon Vicn's Glenmoril Skyrim mod—a ten-quest episode that brought From Software's Bloodborne to Tamriel. In the process I discovered Vigilant, another of Vicn's creations, which adds a splash of Dark Souls to the fifth Elder Scrolls instalment.  

Boasting four, fully-translated and voiced episodes, Vigilant has now been updated to work with Skyrim's Special Edition. This seems a good a reason as any to write about it today. 

Let's first watch some moving pictures:

Episodes include 'The Summoner', 'Bloody Matron', 'Child of Oblivion', and 'Oblivion' and see players venturing into, and ultimately getting trapped within, Oblivion. In doing so, players will face-off against a host of otherworldly baddies and Souls-like end-of-zone bosses—and a number of "unique armors, weapons and rings" can be collected along the way. 

Moreover, the 'Anvil of Zenithar' allows players to craft their own wares after finishing objectives, besting bosses and reaching new areas. And of course chilling by bonfires as a means of R&R is absolutely recommended.  

Both Dawnguard and Dragonborn are required to run Vigilant, and this English add-on provides the much-needed translation.  

Full details, including installation instructions, can be found via its Nexus Mods page.