Skyrim: Show us your Dragonborn (and we'll show you ours)


PC Gamer is loving Skyrim, we're all talking about it every day in the office, and one of the most interesting things about it is just how different all our characters are. So, in the interests of sharing, we've brought you pictures of all our Dragonborn heroes to take a look at. Each one is different, both in looks and approach, so take a look to see just how much variety is on offer.

This isn't just about us though, we want to see your Dragonborn too! Tell us about who they are in the comments, or share a picture in this forum thread started by DuddBudda.

Owen Hill - Bop the Squinty

Bop the High Elf. Level 10. A sneaky, wandering archer, Bop spends a lot of his time staring at waterfalls and rocky formations while encumbered. His bow skills are now strong enough to take down a dragon without too much bother, though he does have issues with killer horses. Bop is currently training at Solitude Bards college (to become a bard).

Tom Francis - Pentadact the Stealthy

Pentadact, level 37 and a half. Hobbies include stealing your dreams while you sleep, then drinking your blood, then slipping paralysis poison into your bloodstream, then slitting your throat, then eating your corpse. Enjoys long walks on the Reach.

Tom Senior - Ludo the Untidy

Ludo the Lizard, Level 14. Notorious coward. Spends most of his time reworking helmets to fit his enormous lizard head. Enjoys jumping on carefully laid tables and kicking platters across the room. Can often be found on the plains of Skyrim tickling giants and then running away.

Tom Hatfield - Dante the Inexperienced

Dante the Redguard, level 1. A newcomer to Skyrim, Dante likes to combine magic with swordplay, sympathise with rebels and obsessively collect sets of imperial armour. He is very happy not to be executed. He is less happy about being attacked by a dragon.

Rich - Rich the Beardy

Rich is one part Night's Watchman, one part battle-Jesus, and all level 18 Breton. He's got a range of stabbing implements, but he prefers hurling a seven foot manifestation of winter at the floor and letting him do his wetwork. Enjoys unequipping all his weapons and armour, standing back and shouting "why are you hitting yourself?" at foes being pummelled by his conjured creatures. Is currently enrolled at Hogwarts the Winterhold Mage's College.

Tony Ellis - Antonia the Modestly Dressed

Antonia is a level 11 female Nord. Her hair colour is flaxen and her vital statistics are 120 - 140 - 140. She is currently employed as an executive in Skyrim's burgeoning lost property industry, reuniting people with their lost magic swords, golden claws and precious family heirlooms. Her hobbies include mammoth watching, long walks in the frozen tundra, and "punching minstrels so hard that actual blood shoots out." She would like to personally thank the makers of Skyrim's female heavy armour for appreciating that the term 'breast plate' does not in fact mean serving up a woman's breasts on a plate.

Graham - Cat Power the Smelly

Cat Power, level 16 Khajiit. Enjoys sneaking with bows, slicing with iron warhammers, and scratching with claws. She's the prophesied Dovahkiin, the foretold champion of Asura, the entirely expected guardian of the Companions guild, and a predictable tennis player. Smells like wet dog.