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Skate City rides out for some gorgeous street sessions next month

As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as too many skateboarding games. Next month, we're getting a scorcher, as Skate City shreds a line away from Apple Arcade exclusivity onto PC and consoles.

Launching on Apple's subscription service last September, Skate City is a side-scrolling skateboarder in line with games like Ollie Ollie. But where that game focusses more on platforming challenges and combo runs, Skate City looks to take more from the likes of Session or Skater XL—using a system of directional swipes to pull off increasingly complex tricks while finding your own lines.

In motion, it's gorgeous. Skate City's, err, cities are blooming, hazy dreamscapes. It captures that unique joy of skating through a city at sundown—all without the pain of suddenly slamming your face into a sidewalk, forcing you to check into work meetings with a massive black eye.

Couldn't be me.

I'm particularly into your pal grabbing a camera to film your line in this clip, skating side to side before snapping your stair jump in glorious slow motion. Like Session, Skate City comes with its own recording suite for capturing your own video parts—and while the game comes with its own lo-fi soundtrack, there's probably nothing stopping you from slapping a whole lotta ska over your Tony Hawk antics.

Debuting with three cities to skate (LA, Oslo and Barcelona), Skate City also added a Miami stage on Apple Arcade last year—though it's unclear if we'll get this new stage on PC right away. Skate City lands on Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 6th for $15 (on sale for $10 for the first week). 

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