Sixteen PC games that dominated E3


A gorgeous gallery of 20 Brink shots graced our pages on the last day of E3, showcasing Splash Damage's luverly art style and lumbering, oafish heroes.

Rock of Ages

Graham brought a smile to our faces when he found this grin-inducing building smasher from Ace Team, who previously built a wonderful game about smashing faces (Zeno Clash). It's a trailer for a game where you roll a rock at some gorgeous renaissance artwork, paper people, and elephants.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Tim got to thoroughly sink his teeth into this at the show, and he reckons it was the most polished game there. Three trailers and lots of thoughts from the office World of Warcraft advocate - he knows a good MMO when he plays it, folks. Lightsabers! Thermal detonators! The droids you're looking for... or not! It's time to get excited.

Portal 2

Lots of Portal stuff came out of E3, and in hindsight, it was probably the highlight of the show for PC gamers. Valve's big surprise was, disappointingly, the already announced Portal 2 recycled for Playstation 3 gamers. Then everyone forgot about that when Valve started showing off the jawdropping new mechanics and settings.

Aperture Science is overgrown, Chell is wandering around, and GLaDOS is willing to let bygones be bygones, even though you murdered her. Tom's round up of our coverage is here .