Sixteen PC games that dominated E3


Another year, another E3 gone by. It's the perfect time to take stock of the great games we've seen, heard, felt, smelled, or tasted over the last three days. Here are the sixteen games that stood out for us, and what we said about them.

Mafia II

2K released these gorgeous screens of their story driven familia sim, which I proceeded to ruin with captions. This is one Cosa Nostr-em-up you shouldn't miss.

Project Dust

Craig unearthed this trailer in the first few days of E3. Project Dust will let you sculpt the landscape to protect a primitive civilisation from a gauntlet of natural disasters.

Fun fact: Peter Molyneux let you raise and lower the ground in Populous because he couldn't work out how to program the guys to move around the hills.

F.E.A.R. 3

Dan got his trembling, cautious hands on this, and came back with a load of screens and some co-op impressions . It looks like it might be a riot after all, despite all the weird live-action trailers. Basically, one super-quick player teams up with a mind-controlling psychic player to take on the ever-wonderful F.E.A.R. AI.


We put up Alec's preview from PCG 214 in the first moments of E3, complete with new screenshots. It's a long and in depth feature on 2K Marin's upcoming FPS re-imagining of the Gollop brothers' classic turn based tactics game.

Then Evan saw a demonstration at E3 and wrote us this excited report . Here's the E3 trailer , too.