20 beautiful new Brink screenshots


Yet more from the E3 show floor: here's a bucket of shots from Splash Damage's upcoming team shooter, Brink.

Seeing Brink in motion is a pleasingly fluid experience, a system of obstacle-leaping parkour-lite underpinning the shooting. Not that the game's shooting is standard: Splash Damage's legacy is objective-based fighting, and Brink's classes have their own special role on the battlefield.

These shots show an extra level of player choice: size. Waddling around in the super-boots of one of the game's beefier types, you can't scramble across larger bits of junk. Pick a slimmer body type and you'll be free to haunt the skyways and overhangs of the multiplayer arena. Of course, there's a catch. Big guys get bigger guns, while weightwatchers have to make do with a piddlier armoury.

There's a nice artistic mix between the red and ochre of the game's rusted and ramshackle areas - home to the law-fighting Resistance - and the clean, airport-like lines of the Security faction's home turf. See for yourself:

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