Sixteen PC games that dominated E3

Red Faction: Armageddon

Red Faction has had a rough ride over the years, but it's starting to mature into a franchise you can really get behind, and smash things to pieces with. Dan discovered that Red Faction: Armageddon is set underground against a backdrop of aliens and tumbling buildings. He outlines one or two cool weapons, and has a bucketload of screens to show for it too. I hope there's a hammer in it.


From the guys that brought you Painkiller, Bulletstorm is going for the silly, gory, man-shoot demographic. With the help of 9 never-before-seen shots, Tim explains everything you need to know about the single level that People Can Fly demoed at E3 - namely, that it's "just pure, unadulterated, glorious stupidity ." That sounds like the sort of experience I can get my head around.

Crysis 2

Lots of cool Crysis 2 stuff came out of E3, and first up, it was a whole bunch of screens, accompanied by Tim's best captions yet .

Later, in a private demo of the game, Tim saw just how detailed the destruction is in this game. You can kick taxis at metal gorillas in Crysis 2, people.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has us more excited than a barrel of nitro glycerin balanced on top of a pneumatic drill that's drilling into a mineral seam of pure explodium. After we hosted the trailer on our YouTube channel, Tom started writing thousands of words about the game, including interviews with the art director and game designer , pieces on the original game , and a blow-by-blow description of what he saw in Montreal. He even tied it all together with a big index post , heralding "Deus Ex week."