Everything you need to know about Portal 2


The Portal 2 news has been gushing out with accurately simulated fluidics since Valve showed it off at E3. We thought a quick recap of the news so far would be handy, and also give us an excuse to keep writing about it to prolong our New Valve Game buzz. Look at it!

Valve's E3 surprise is Portal 2 on PS3. Disappointing, but here's why it makes sense .

The gorgeous teaser trailer they showed on-stage at E3, including a glimpse of our old friend the Companion Cube, alive and well.

Our full thoughts on the game after having it demo'd to us.

Footage of the entire E3 demonstration , with Valve's Erik Johnson talking you through what's new.

You know all that gushing physics paint? Here's Tag, the free game it was inspired by (download here ). Valve did a, er, Valve, and hired its creators.

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