Sixteen PC games that dominated E3

Shogun 2: Total War

These are the first screenshots of Creative Assembly's homecoming title. Shogun 2 sounded great and all, but now that we can look at it, you can really see what they meant when they talked about having the art inform the game in a way that didn't happen with Napoleon. Blossoms , people!


The other day, I found a weird leaflet on my desk. It was a booklet from the "New Korean Federation of Occupied America," and after a quick scan of the headlines, I realised it must be from some sort of game. Dan confirms that it's a game in this in-depth impressions post . It does a better job of depicting improbable future war than Modern Warfare 2 did, but then again, so did Half Life 2, and there was a robot that gave out hugs and strangled helicopters in that.


There are a lot of ways you could describe Tim Edwards, our beloved Editor here in the UK, but until last night I'd never have used the words "excited about Rage." Reading his energetic preview post , it's easy to see why, especially if you picture a skyscraper, and then picture a mutant big enough to wrap its hand around it. Why id Software don't just release a giant picture of that, I've no idea, but that's E3 for you.

Sid Meier's Civilization 5

Civ 5 is going to be huge. At the beginning of E3, they released seven screens showing off the cool toy-soldiers look (and don't get me started about hexes). Tim accompanied them with his take on the game in action.

Then they released a fairly lengthy trailer , complete with "cast and crew" style interviews and some thoughts from Sid Meier himself. I'm still banned from Pirates! at home after trying the boarding and capture of the poor couple next door. I mustn't go anywhere near this.