Gorgeous new high-res Crysis 2 screenshots


Crysis 2 brought the house down at the EA E3 press conference. Not just the house. The entire office block.

Why? Because it's about giant robots stomping about New York, and those self-same giant robots blowing up entire skyscrapers.

Best of all, the Crysis 2 engine is doing an incredible job of rendering the real-world locations. Grand Central Station takes a real pummelling. At one point, the Metlife building crumbles in two, taking with it a civilian and his wife. Poor wife.

The AI of the weaker enemies seem solid - at least the match of the goonish Korean soldiers from the first game.

They were seen using some of the same suit powers you have. Until they took a shotgun blast to the face.

This chap was the demo's only weak point. He's a walker robot thing, and took multiple explosive blasts to take down. In the demo, the player used an RPG, then several packs of C4, and then another rocket on his armour before he blew up. It's like fighting a Stalker in Half-Life 2 - but we did that over five years ago.

The coup, though, might be the 3D effects. With a cheap pair of paper 3D glasses, a Crysis 2 cutscene was played on-screen, and it looked... good-ish. Some of the rendering effects - particularly sunlight flares on glass - were distracting, but otherwise, it was slightly more immersive. We understand that the 3D effects have little performance hit on the engine - we'll know more tomorrow.