Shoot zombies, build defences, ride mechs in 15 minutes of Metal Gear Survive multiplayer

Metal Gear Survive marks the first of Hideo Kojima's enduring series, following the auteur's reported spat with and subsequent departure from Konami. Sidestepping its familiar stealth-driven guise, Survive is an action survival game and has raised eyebrows in process. Tim liked an early build, James struggled with the most recent one, and on looks alone I myself am torn. 

Shooting zombies and throwing together shoddily-constructed defences is hardly Metal Gear as we know it—but the following 15 minutes of in-game footage is suitably frantic, to the point where I wonder if that matters. 

Look, see:

And while it is strange hearing the game's iconic alert chime after having gunned down an army of undead wanderers seconds before, Survive's wave-based attacks look at home in its sprawling Phantom Pain-like desert arena. I'm less convinced by the base-building-by-numbers shown above—seriously mate, that flat panel fencing ain't stopping no one—but laying waste to baddie hordes atop bipedalled Walker Gear looks ace. 

Perhaps it is riding on the Metal Gear name's camo-coloured coattails—but Survive sure looks fun in the process. Again, check out Tim and James' respective takes here and here

Metal Gear Survive is due February 20 in the States and February 22 in Europe.