Shoot robots and wall-run in the impressive free demo for Arsenal Demon

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

It's you versus a bunch of robot angels in the demo for Arsenal Demon: a kinetic first-person shooter with a delightfully chunky, retro art style, and hefty guns.

As in Devil Daggers, you're simply trying to survive for as long as possible here, as waves of robots swarm towards you, hungry for blood. You have several guns at your disposal, that you can map to either the left or right mouse buttons, meaning you can dual-wield a shotgun with a flamethrower, a revolver with a minigun, or any other combination of those four weapons.

The guns feel good to use, with a nice level of recoil, and with a load of windows dotted around to cleverly reward you with smashing feedback as you messily fight. As you might expect from a retro-styled shooter, Arsenal Demon is a fast and fluid game, allowing you to leap to the tops of walls and even to wall-run along them, Titanfall-style. There's a lot here to like, with more modes and weapons to follow. (Thanks, Alpha Beta Gamer.)

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Tom Sykes

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