Shinji Mikami spills guts on streamlined HUD and nail bombs in his new survival horror The Evil Within

The Evil Within , you'll recall , marks Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami's grand return to survival horror, after years spent overseeing such esoteric action games as God Hand, Vanquish, and the sorta horrific swearfest Shadows of the Damned. Bethesda gave us a live-action trailer that didn't reveal much the other week, but now we have some details straight from the horse's... man's mouth. We also have screenshots that reveal, yes, it's a third-person, gore-filled horror game, rather than the knockabout karting title that was rumoured previously. Read on for enlightment, and pictures of disgusting monsters.

The news comes courtesy of NeoGAF , who picked it up from the official Evil Within Forums , who translated it from a video interview with Shinji Mikami over on , so, uh, it may not be 100% accurate. Using Google Chrome's translate feature I get such gems as "In The Evil Within it is to go to fear and panic", so if there are any Germans reading, feel free to offer up any corrections. Having said that, here are some oven-fresh details about The Evil Within:

  • It's called Psycho Break in Japan (mainly because it's easier to pronounce), but that doesn't mean its detective hero Sebastian will be suffering from any psychological breakdowns during the game. He's a strong guy that will be able to deal with whatever the game throws at him (Shinji tends to think "just die already!" whenever he sees a character lose their mind in a horror film).
  • Sebastian will enter an alerted state, by crouching down whenever enemies are around, and standing up when the coast is clear. On a similar note, there's "practically no interface" in the game, with labels popping up when you get close to objects, but with a clutter-free HUD otherwise.
  • Don't expect many sound effects or much music in the game. They'll be used to "signal events and information", including unseen enemies.
  • Lighting is important, apparently (as, I find, it is in real life).
  • You can lay traps, such as a Nail Bomb. These can be set behind doors and under windows.

Head here for more titbits, or scroll down to see what sort of evil can be found within the game. The Evil Within is coming to PC next year.

Tom Sykes

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