Sherlock Holmes dresses up as a sailor in this new Crimes and Punishments trailer

Sherlock Holmes was the original cosplayer, and when he wasn't walking around bat-and-ball expos dressed as Amelia Earhart, he liked nothing better than pretending to be a butler or vagabond to dig up clues in places the regal Holmes wouldn't quite fit in. This disguise element is finally in one of his games, and based on a new trailer, there are quite a few different tops and hats and trousers and facial hair and spectacles you can wear in Crimes and Punishments . Select a particular outfit—in this case, that befitting of a sailor—and Holmes will adopt the relevant accent when chatting with suspects and the like. A terrible Irish accent and an arm-wrestling minigame await you after the break.

Crimes and Punishments might be a game about murder and that, but it seems a bit of a silly one with it, and I'm deeply thankful for that. I'm also enjoying Holmes' lavishly decorated flat the more times I see it, which puts my own, rather sparsely decorated abode to shame. Frogwares' latest Holmes-'em-up is due out September 30th , and here's a longer look at it if you're not too worried about spoiling one of the six cases a wee bit.

Tom Sykes

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