Be a good Samaritan and find these Shenmue 3 toys to help a child's sick grandfather

shenmue 3 white lure
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How do you get White Lure in Shenmue 3? Capsule of Love is one of the first side-quests you can take on in Yu Suzuki's idiosyncratic adventure. One of the smaller kids practicing Chen Tai Chi in the Village Square seems distracted, and you can start the mission by getting Ryo to find out why. 

The kid, Bai Qinghao, needs to sell his capsule toys, which are collectibles found throughout the game that come in themed sets. Bai needs a couple more to complete his sets so he can trade them for some medicine for his sick grandfather. The missing pieces are Shenmue 3's White Lure and Diamond-P, so here's how to find them.

How to obtain the Shenmue 3 White Lure toy

You can get the White Lure toy before the quest begins, if you’ve been trying to collect them already. In the Village Square are two capsule machines, one of which is from the Fishing Series.

Each try costs 5 Yuan, and the White Lure is the rarest to get. There’s no way to cheat the system here; you just need to keep trying until you get it. In other words, make sure to bring along a fair amount of Shenmue 3 money.

Give the lure to the child and he’ll be grateful, but this complete set is not enough to get him the money his grandpappy needs. He also wants to sell off his Gem set, for which he’s missing the Diamond-P toy.

How to get the Shenmue 3 Diamond-P toy

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The capsule machine for the Diamond-P is in Panda Market. You can’t go to the area right away, so if you don’t have Panda Market unlocked yet, continue progressing in the plot until it’s available.

In front of Panda Tech Land is three capsule machines: the Gem one you need is in the middle. This costs 10 Yuan per go, and like the White Lure, the Diamond-P is a rare item. I got lucky and nabbed the Diamond-P faster than I did the White Lure despite the larger pool of toys for the set, but this it remains one of the set's rarer items.

Also, don’t confuse the Diamond-P with the Diamond-E! You'll know when you have the right one, as Ryo helpfully points it out.

Return to the kid in Village Square and give him the toy. He’ll head off to buy the medicine. Later you can find him and his grandfather on the path between Joy Park and Tao-get, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a Bird Statue, which sells for 102 Yuan at the Pawn Shop. This likely won't end up being profitable for you, but the fuzzy feelings in your heart will be priceless.