Shadowrun, Oddworld lead GOG sale ending this afternoon

The Shadowrun and Oddworld series are clear standouts from one of GOG's recent weekly sales. At the time of writing, there are just seven hours left in the sale, which ends at 3 p.m. Pacific (6 p.m. Eastern) today, Monday, December 4. 

Shadowrun Returns, the Kickstarted RPG adaptation of the tabletop game, is the arguable frontrunner at just under $4 at 75 percent off. There's also Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall, a new campaign which we found to be better than the original. Dragonfall is $3 at 80 percent off

Finally, there are three different editions of Shadowrun Hong Kong—the $8 deluxe extended edition which includes the game, artbook and soundtrack; the $5 extended edition which is just the game; and the $3 artbook and soundtrack standalone

The remastered Oddworld entries also feature prominently in the sale. The original Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is $6 at 70 percent off, while the Scrub Abe and Alf's Escape expansions are $1 each. The original Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus are both $2 at 70 percent off. 

You'll also find Leisure Suit Larry and Broken Sword among the full sale catalogue. If you're still hungry for more adventure games, check out GOG's new weekly sale, which runs through December 12. 

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Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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