Shadow Warrior 2 release date set, trailer shows chainsaws and selfie sticks

The Shadow Warrior series, both past and present, is best known for its off-the-wall, gruesome and gory mash of samurai sword slashing and shooting. The latest trailer for Flying Wild Hog’s incoming sequel follows suit with the inclusion of hi-tech bow and arrows, chainsaws, rail guns and, um, selfie sticks. It also reveals the PC version’s launch date: October 13. 

It goes without saying that someone needs to stop otherworldly demons from taking over the planet from time to time, however protagonist Lo Wang et al might consider an Olympic campaign afterwards with shooting accuracy like this:

Said to be “remarkably bigger” than its forerunner, Shadow Warrior 2 boasts a single player campaign and online four player co-op. “Complete outrageous missions, collect powerful new armor, arcane relics of legend and choose from an array of masterfully designed weaponry—including a katana chainsaw that allows you to carve up your enemies in real-time,” says publisher Devolver Digital. “Finesse is the name of the game when it comes to dynamic dismemberment.”

Pre-ordering, if you’re into that sort of thing, will net you the aforementioned katana chainsaw—the Razorback Katana, that features at the end of the trailer above, at launch. 

Shadow Warrior 2 is due October 13 and will cost £34.99/$39.99 via Steam, GOG or the Humble Store.