Shadow Warrior 2 gets more free DLC in Bounty Hunt Part 1

More free DLC is coming to the over-the-top FPS Shadow Warrior 2 in the form of Bounty Hunt Part 1, a collection of 14 new missions with catchy names like Plague of the Bunny, Danger Zone on Mt. Akuma, and my favorite, 50 Shades of Shade. The pack also includes a pair of new weapons, the Medusa Ray and the EX-GF01 minigun, plus four new perks for Wang and the gang.    

The opening seconds of the trailer indicate that the new missions will be available via a "Bounty Board," conveniently located in the middle of the Wang Cave. After that, it collapses into an explosion of blood and bodies, demonic and human alike, under an onslaught of gunfire and slashing blades. About what you'd expect, then, from a game that lets you chainsaw cybernetic ninjas into pieces and then blow the chunks out of the air with a shotgun called "the Boner." (No, I'm not just making that up. Read the review.) 

Bounty Hunt Part 1 is the second free Shadow Warrior 2 expansion, and it sounds more substantial than The Way of the Wang DLC that brought expanded crafting and a series of new Trials to the game in December. Based on the title, it won't be the last. Look for it to go live on Steam later today. 

Andy Chalk

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