Shadow Warrior 2 'The Way of the Wang' free DLC out now

As promised towards the end of October, Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog's fast-firing Shadow Warrior 2 has launched its first free update—named The Way of the Wang. 

Bringing with it a new area within the game's main hub town, the latest DLC adds seven new unlockable Brutal Trials; new crafting abilities; and new weapon gem slots—Infuse Gem for merging, Purify Gem for removing negative gem stats, and Embed Gem to upgrade base weapon stats. 

Furthermore, successful completion of the Trial of the Ancient God grants players access to the powerful Fist of Gozu weapon. If achievements are your cup of tea, this slice of DLC adds five new portions as well as three 'Insane' difficulty levels to test your resolve. 

Here's some of that in video form:

Shadow Warrior 2's base game has also launched its latest patch, number Full details of that can be found via this Steam Community post, however expect a number of UI, multiplayer and engine fixes, not to mention tinkerings to photo mode orientation settings.  

Shadow Warrior 2 is out now via the Humble Store for £34.99/$39.99.  

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